Canfora claims he has proof of an order to fire

Alan Canfora By Alan Canfora

In recent months, while researching mountains of evidence for my two forthcoming May 4-related books, I was stunned to discover absolute corroborated proof of the verbal order to shoot and kill. In the five seconds before the 67 gunshots were fired, a National Guard commander shouted this verbal command at the top of Blanket Hill: "Right here! Set! Point! Fire!"

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On May 4, 1970, several National Guardmen wrote statements admitting they heard the verbal order to fire -- exactly as they later testified under oath in Federal Court. Several student eyewitnesses also saw and heard this verbal command as it was shouted just before the massacre.

Unfortunately, the commanding officers all deny issuing this command to fire just as they deny ordering the same Troop G guardsmen to kneel and aim at unarmed students while on the KSU practice field minutes before they were ordered to shoot from the hilltop. Clearly, it may have been General Robert Canterbury, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Fassinger or Major Harry Jones who shouted the verbal command.

General Canterbury is dead. Hopefully, one or more Troop G shooters will finally be courageous enough to identify the National Guard officer responsible for the deadly decision to kill unarmed Kent State students in broad daylight.

And who was ultimately responsible for the slaughter at Kent State? Guard officers at the hilltop? Ohio Governor Rhodes? President Nixon? True healing at Kent State can only arise from historical truth -- and hopefully we can end this coverup after 37 years of investigation.

Soon, at KSU, several key people will join us as we announce our startling proof. We will openly share our new information with hope many others will join our pursuit resulting from this evidence. Perhaps new state and federal investigations will follow so we can solve this murder mystery at last.

Tentatively, Kent May 4 Center and May 4 Task Force activists plan to announce our newly discovered, long-overlooked proof of the verbal command to fire at a news conference in Kent on May 1, 2007 -- or perhaps sooner.

:: Alan Canfora, 4/19/07